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The Secret Ingredient

Chef Atena specializes in creating dishes with fresh, quality ingredients. When they’re not whipping up fabulous recipes, they can be found exploring great ethnic neighborhoods in San Francisco, discovering new inspirations to share with you. So whether you’re looking for someone to help you plan an event or simply refresh your menu, reach out today.

Atena Barforoushi is a Persian cuisine, private chef. She has been bringing people around her table for over 20 years surprising multicultural guests with her indulging exotic dishes and her  kind nature. Her cooking has a tendency to create a community of togetherness that keeps on spreading love, kindness, and peace.


Living in Iran until 2014, when she immigrated to Canada, has taught her the importance of sharing her findings through the language of food. 


Her dishes come in a variety of colours and ingredients that get her guests excited. Every single recipe connects deeply with her origins and childhood memories. In the last five years living in Montreal, she has made it her mission to share her hearty dishes and joy for life with her new friends, family. 



Since 2018,  she has been hosting events, catering, cooking classes, cooking for customers at their home or inviting them to her home sharing her Persian Plates. 


Bringing the world together with yours truly,

Chef Atena

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